The Wines

It is common knowledge that French Wines are among the best Wines in the World. France is one of the oldest Wine producing countries in the World. France has without doubt the strictest Wine regulations in the whole World. Most Wine producing areas in France have got the best conditions from the soil. We call it 'Terroir' here in France. The noble varietals are French and many of them are being used today in other Wine producing countries.

It is therefore easy to jump to the conclusion that there is a reason why French Wines have got so much prestige over the years. The greatest Wines of France are considered the utterly best of all Wines.

In order to give you as a Wine lover an outline to French Wines we have chosen some of the best and most instructive web sites on the Internet.

Here you have the links! Just click:

1.French Wines

2.Bordeaux and Médoc and Saint Emilion





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